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Watch this video and more on TEMPO Networks

Christ Church Online Ep 18


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    Wise decisions are driven by certain principles—ingredients that produces clarity and sound judgment. In His humanity Jesus had to make decisions. Join Dr. Ireland as he unpacks the occasion when Jesus had to select His twelve apostles.

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    Life is complicated and uncertain. We find ourselves asking tough questions at different seasons like: Why am I here? Why do I exist? Join Dr. Ireland as he uses Scripture to help us answer this question: What really matters? The answers will help you organize your world and aim for goals that wi...

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    Our goals and overall life purpose is tied to our identity and self-identity. Who am I to you? That speaks of identity. My self-identity, on the other hand, is found in this question: Who am I to me? What we often overlook is that we must recalibrate our goals with our shifting identity. Join Dr....