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Watch this video and more on TEMPO Networks

Christ Church Online Ep 19


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    Life is complicated and uncertain. We find ourselves asking tough questions at different seasons like: Why am I here? Why do I exist? Join Dr. Ireland as he uses Scripture to help us answer this question: What really matters? The answers will help you organize your world and aim for goals that wi...

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    Our goals and overall life purpose is tied to our identity and self-identity. Who am I to you? That speaks of identity. My self-identity, on the other hand, is found in this question: Who am I to me? What we often overlook is that we must recalibrate our goals with our shifting identity. Join Dr....

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    Am I there yet? This is a key question to reaching your potential. Most people can identify their purpose. But coming to grips with their potential is another story. Let me ask you: Are you functioning at your potential? Potential speaks of your ability, the room you have to grow into to achieve ...